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NEWS 2023 


News 2023

Dear Guests,

The whole team here at Fornella is working on our new 2023 projects and can’t wait to share them with you, hoping you will appreciate them, we will keep you updated. Keep an eye on the social media and website during the winter if you are curious to follow developments.

We are working at a brand new, stylish, functional and sustainable sanitary block, at a new “Gelateria” and bar facing the SPA gardens and the heated pool and at a state of the art sustainable and energetically independent “Ecolodge” area, where a new concept of sustainable mobile home blends with our mediterranean vegetation and a selection of drought resistant plants.

You will find new exciting attractions at the main playground and, considering the high request of private toilets and showers on pitches, facilities with solar thermal systems will be added on 8 super pitches.

We are also enhancing our wi-fi network in order to provide a free account to each customer, and transfers to the closer villages and towns connected to public transport will be easier with our new shuttle van.

The booking office is open Monday to Friday from 9 to 5, giving you the opportunity to book your next holiday at Fornella directly online or, if you prefer, contacting us by e-mail or phone.

Please check our new booking conditions, map and camp site rules on the website before you get started, we have introduced some new procedures and made some changes to categories of pitches and self-catering units.

You will no longer find prices published, we have updated the system and once you have chosen the solution you prefer, all you need to do is click the “quote” or “book now” button, you will access the availability check page and find the exact price for your holiday with the possibility to add extras and available additional packages.

We strongly believe in our commitment to reduce our ecological footprint and take new steps in the direction of sustainability. Our “ecocamping“-program is constantly growing, updates will be soon released on the “greener world” page of the website.

In 2023 electricity in the self-catering units will be metered and billed separately, giving you a chance both to monitor your consumption and pay consequently rather than finding a flat rate based on estimated average consumption embedded in the unit’s price.

Both on the website and at your arrival you will find suggestions on how to help us keep the best possible balance with the delicate (and relatively natural if compared to most competitors in the area) environment we work and live in contributing to a lighter impact of human activities. An easy step in this direction is not to use groundsheets on grassy pitches; we have added this to our campsite rules.

We believe one of the reasons for choosing us as a holiday destination is the pleasure to enjoy Nature in a safe and comfortable environment, we need your cooperation to make this possible.

Best Wishes to you all,

We hope to see you back soon!

Fornella team





Camping Key Europe Card 2023 is valid in these periods:

01.04.2023 - 27.05.2023
16.09.2023 - 22.10.2023

standard pitch& 2 people at the price of 28 € (electricity incl.)
* Tourist tax not included

The offer cannot be combined with other offers and must be specified by the booking request.






Are you looking to a short stay? Here our availability with 20% discount:

Hill Top AC 2020

Nexy                         Nexy 7.4
24/05 - 27/5              21/5-27/5 

21/06 – 24/06

Lake Land
16/06 – 21/06

10/06 - 14/06

Safari Lux                     

Olive Grove 4.3              Next Generation
17/06 - 21/06                     25/06 - 30/6

If you are interested please send us an email to, with the online booking system it is not possible to book 

The offer cannot be combined with other current offers.