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The following procedures are based on COVID Prevention recommendations updated to “Regione Lombardia” decree 573 issued on 29th June 2020 and decree 579 issued on 10th July 2020.

We take your health and ours very seriously and we have carefully analysed our processes and procedures to make both your holiday and our work safe and enjoyable, respecting W.H.O. (World Health Organization) and local recommendations.
Camping at Fornella itself helps solving many issues, we have a lot of space for everyone; our mobile homes are well distanced and our pitches are spaceful, everyone will be able, respecting a few rules, to enjoy all our infrastructures in safety.

Prevention and safety are based on an advantageous teamwork between our guests and Staff.


Covid prevention on site is mainly based on the following easy to apply behaviour to protect yourself and others:

  1. Inform reception immediately if you have a fever or suffer of flue-like symptoms.

  2. Wash your hands with soap and water frequently and if not possible use the sanitizer dispensers you will find conveniently placed around the site.

  3. Avoid contact (shaking hands, hugs, kisses) with people.

  4. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.

  5. Always keep a safety distance of at least one meter from people not part of your family or not sharing accommodation with you.

  6. Use protective masks where requested. Always use a mask if you cannot respect the distance of one meter from people not part of your family or not sharing accommodation with you, masks are compulsory inside public buildings unless you are seated in the restaurant.

  7. Help your children to follow recommendations.

  8. Follow the rules and recommendations you find in different locations on site.



We have made Check in procedures as simple as possible, please fill in your check in on-line before leaving home,on arrival you will be asked to fill in a covid form. In order not to cause queues you may be asked to leave your personal ID at reception (It can be picked up the following day) to allow our staff to cross-check data without keeping you waiting. You will receive a free WIFI account per family/group with access to all site information and instructions to book services on site, so please don’t leave your smartphone or tablet behind.
If you need information don’t hesitate to contact reception by whatsapp or e-mail, one of our qualified receptionists will help you out with whatever services or information you may need.


All Toilet and shower facilities are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized several times a day with W.H.O (World Health Organization) approved disinfectants.
You can find safe waiting areas outside the buildings.
Hand sanitizing is compulsory before and after entering facilities, you will find gel dispensers conveniently placed where needed.
When inside the buildings (obviously not inside the shower, toilet and basin cubicles) the use of masks is compulsory.
Inside each toilet cubical you will find disinfectant, we recommend you sanitize the toilet seat before and after using the facilities.
Children must be accompanied.
Please sanitize your hands before and after using provided hair dryers.


For your safety and comfort your mobile home and terrace are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized with W.H.O. (World Health Organization) approved detergents and disinfectants before your arrival. Matrasses and pillows are protected with disposable hygienic pillow and matrass covers.
Inside the unit you will find a complimentary cleaning kit.
All operations are registered and we keep track of which member of staff has carried them out.


Your pitch is checked before your arrival and if any items or belongings of previous guests are forgotten, our staff will remove them for your safety.
Electric and water hook-ups are frequently sanitized.
Please remember all your equipment must be kept one meter inside the pitch boundary and it is your responsibility to keep it clean .If your tent, caravan, campervan or RV is facing someone else’s the door to door distance must be of at least 3 meters.

In some cases (please ask reception) additional tents for children may not be allowed in order to avoid overcrowded pitches.


Our swimming pools are open, free of charge and perfectly safe; disinfection values in the water are regularly monitored and comply with national and European standards.

Sun beds and beach umbrellas are free of charge but must be sanitized at each customer change, please ask staff; due to distancing rules you are not allowed to move them around.
It is compulsory to respect the pool regulations displayed at the entrance.
In moments when pools are particularly crowded, the access to the water may be temporarily denied.


Bars and Restaurant are open, tables have been correctly distanced and booking is required, at the bar you will be served at the table and staff will make sure all possible safety procedures are applied.
If members of different groups or families (people not sharing an accommodation) dine together the distance of one meter between people must be kept.

Masks are compulsory inside the restaurant building if not seated.
Meals can also be ordered and delivered directly at your mobile home or pitch if you prefer to enjoy dining in your own environment.



Animation activities for children and adults will be organized in small groups and respecting social distancing, activities such as baby dance, aqua-gym, Zumba lessons and so on may be split in two sessions to provide fun for everyone.
Nature walks and off site activities have been added to the program.


The shop is open, please use masks inside it and sanitize your hands before accessing and when exiting. In order to guarantee personal distancing only a limited number of people can occupy the shop at the same time, please respect the entering order.


Also on beaches distancing (at least 1,5 meters) between people and equipment belonging to different parties or families (i.e. people not sharing the same accommodation) must be respected. In order to have more living space on the beach it is forbidden to leave boats, tenders, inflatables and water sports equipment on the beach, please use the designated area at the boat centre.


The off-site pet recreational area area is open, please take care you respect distances between people. Only one person at the time should access the dog shower area next to the main toilet block.


Our Wellness &SPA facilities are open, booking is necessary, and access is reserved to one single family group or group sharing accommodation at the time. In order to to access it is mandatory to show a European covid green pass


Open air play grounds are open, strict parental control is required, Parents are requested to make sure their children keep 1 meter distance from others. The area is sanitized several times a day.


Please note procedures must be completed at the check-out office the day before departure and are possible only at certain times (you will find all needed information on the WIFI welcome pages)
Bills should be preferably settled by card.

It is possible to use our indoor GYM facilities at a fee but due to distancing rules only 2 people at the time are allowed in, therefore booking is mandatory.